CIPD Level 3 3CO03 Core behaviours for people professionals, Assignment, UK


This unit introduces the core behaviours for people professionals, focusing on ethical practice to create value. It considers how certain ways of thinking and acting should be universally consistent, even in new and challenging situations, to promote a sense of wellbeing and inclusivity in the organisation.

Task One – Ethical practice review

A key responsibility for all ‘professionals’ is to regularly review and develop our performance at work.  This includes reviewing our work and interpersonal behaviours – a particularly important activity for people professionals.

In this task, you as a people professional (working or student), are asked to answer 4 review questions about your work behaviours, with a particular focus on ethics, inclusivity and how you interact with others.

To complete the task, please respond to all four questions below.  Your responses should reflect a sound understanding of ethical and inclusive people practice and include a mix of explanation (description/discussion) along with examples, as required by the question.

1.1 Explain ethical principles and professional values including how these can inform approaches to work.

1.2 Specify ways in which you conform consistently with relevant regulation and law within the context of ethics and professional practice.

2.1 Summarise ways of demonstrating respectful and inclusive working, in relation to:

contributing your views and opinions
clarifying problems or issues
working effectively as part of a team.

2.2 Recommend ways in which you can show inquisitiveness about issues and developments in the people profession and the wider world of work.

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Task Two – Professional Development

This task continues your professional review by requiring you to consider the impact of your chosen CPD activities on your performance and behaviours.

To complete the task, you are asked to provide a record of how you have proactively maintained and upgraded your knowledge and skills over the last 12 months, along with a review of the impact of these activities.

Your record should be presented as an attachment to your assignment, either in the form of a formal/structured CPD Record or as pages from the CIPD ‘My CPD Reflections’ tool. (AC2.3)

Your record(s) must include the following:

(a) A description of three CPD activities, undertaken within the last 12 months, that you consider having impacted on your work performance or behaviours.

The three ‘activities’ may be anything that supported your development, for example: planned/formal development activities such as learning events or programmes; unplanned/informal activities such as researching online, watching a video, or reading a book; or work-based activities such as participating in a particular work project or simply putting yourself in a work role or position that you knew would stretch and develop you.

(b) And for each of these three activities, a reflection on how they have impacted your work performance or behaviours.

For example: did you gain a greater understanding of, or more knowledge about, something and if so, how has that impacted your behaviour?   How are you, or is your performance, different because of the learning undertaken?  Was the activity worth doing in terms of its impact on your behaviour or performance?  Did the activity make you aware of, or perhaps generate, other development needs? What conclusions did you draw from this for further activities?

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