For you Bio 110 (Cell and Molecular Biology) lab project, please skim through th

For you Bio 110 (Cell and Molecular Biology) lab project, please skim through the profiles of the scientists linked below and and reflect about which one who you feel is most interesting/relatable to you.  Then, please answer the following questions about this person.  When you are finished, please either write your answers into the text box below or upload a file with your answers as an attachment.  Please note, there are no particular answers I am looking for to these questions.  As long as you put thought and effort into the assignment and answer the questions honestly to the best of your ability, you will receive credit.  I really want you to try and have fun learning about something/someone new with this.  
1) Why do you feel you best relate to this person?
2) What is most interesting to you about this person and their research?
3) What did you learn from reviewing the biography and research highlights of this individual?  How does this relate to what you have learned this past semester in Biology 110?
4) Do you have any new questions or ideas you’d like to learn about after reviewing the provided resources?  
5) What, if anything, did you learn about the types of people who are scientists from this activity?  


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