*The paper is due on the 30th of may but I need the abstract by 23rd of may at m

*The paper is due on the 30th of may but I need the abstract by 23rd of may at midnight or 24th 8am at the latest.*
instructions about the abstract:
Length: Around 150 words. 
Content and structure (based on Powner 2015, chapter 9, pp. 2-3)
*i will attach a file with this chapter for reference*:
1) The research question: What puzzle, paradox, or gap motivates this research?
2) The scholarly context: What have others said—or not said—that matters to me? How does my work fit into the existing literature? What’s the current explanation for my dependent variable?
3) The alternative argument: What is my claim? What do I think is wrong with or missing from the literature? What is my original contribution, what is the added value of my project?
4) The testing method: How will I demonstrate support for my alternative claim? What method(s) will I use, what data do I need?
5) Summary of (anticipated) results: What do I expect to find? 
instructions about the assignmnent as a whole:
For the final paper, each student designs an empirical study with democracy as cause or effect. This assignment consists of two parts. First, the abstract. Each student will upload their abstract on the Course Forum before the final session. Length: around 150 words. The abstract is graded. The template can be found in Powell (2015, ch. 9, pp. 2-3). The second part of the assignment is a short paper (800 word maximum, everything included) that follows the same structure as the abstract but provides more information and includes a bibliography.
you can use whichever sources you see reasonable but recommended are Freedomhouse and VDem. in text citation Chicago style is required. 


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