A. Assignment Overview Total 40 Points Paper can include copies of photos of the

A. Assignment Overview

Total 40 Points

Paper can include copies of photos of the subject.

You’ll be graded on your ability to reflect on your foreign-born interview subject as part of the Oral History project.

*No external sources. Base your response on the author’s conversation in the assigned book and, as an add-on, you can tie in lectures, multimedia, and your own personal experiences, stories, and examples.

B. Essay Guidelines (40 Points)

THE FORMAT (40 Points)

Introduction (80+ words) (5 points)
– Who is your foreign-born subject? Why did you chose him/her/they?”
– Present your thesis: overall argument or main concept(s) reflected in the person’s story.
Short Oral History (400+ words) (15 points)
– Give brief narrative – can be autobiographical or biographical.
– Identify any key themes, chronology, or topics
– Present subject’s origin/birth country.
Reflection & Analysis (220+ words) (20 points)
– Place narrative in historical perspective. Do some research on the birth country during the decade the parents gave birth to subject in order to help you gain perspective and context for the person’s story, constraints, and needs.
– What does this story tell us about certain themes in marginalized or disenfranchised communities in U.S. History?
– Link to course material and concepts.

You can combine or intertwine section #2 and #3. Another way is to write section #2 as an overview or big picture and when I start section #3 go into more detail into specific aspects of their story using course concepts to organize each paragraph. In short, most students write the essay in the order presented above (1, 2, 3).

C. Non-Essay Alternative

Tired of writing? How about you submit a video?

In lieu of a paper, you can submit a video recording.

The video submitted must:

Meet all guidelines stated above.
Include a 10+ slide presentation.
Uploaded and submit a YouTube link.
See example video (different class, different assignment)

Some important information:

Students don’t need to be seen (show face) in the video.
Slides must be viewable and readable in the video.
Professor is unavailable to assist with troubleshooting.
Do NOT upload video to Canvas.


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