Developing Health and Wellbeing Case Study Assignment Answer

Developing Health and wellbeing – Case Study

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Assignment Detail:-

  • Words: 2500

The Ahmed Family.

Rahman Ahmed is 80 years old. He moved to the UK from Bangladesh in the 1970s with his wife, Kamala. They ran a successful small business until they retired in 2011. Sadly, Kamala died following a stroke last year. The family were devastated as she had been such a loving wife, mother, and grandmother.


Rahman has his own health issues being a Type 2 diabetic and following a routine blood test, was recently informed that he has high cholesterol. Since the death of his wife, Rahman has gained weight and his family have noticed that his blood sugar levels are not as well managed as they use to be. Rahman use to love going for walks with Kamala, however since her death does not feel like walking.


Faisal is their eldest son; he is 55 years old and works long shifts as a driving instructor for the franchise AA. He has recently taken on extra shifts to help support his family due to the increasing cost of living. Faisal always enjoyed his job, however recently he has lost his passion and no longer feels motivated. He would love to try something new and has always wanted to move back into management; however, he is unable to find the time to study alongside working and feels that he may now be too old to study.


Labani is Faisal’s wife; she is 46 years old. Labani has recently been experiencing low mood, anxiety and difficulty sleeping. She is finding it difficult to focus and is becoming forgetful. She is unsure whether this is due to her experiencing early menopause or something else. This is a concern to Labani as she is the main carer of their 15-year-old son Hasan who has cerebral palsy and a moderate learning disability. Hasan requires support with everyday tasks. Hasan has poor co-ordination and is unsteady when he walks, however he refuses to use a wheelchair. Hasan is a very sociable teenager and would love to go to college.

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Aamaya is Hasan’s twin sister and attends the same school as Hasan. Aamaya’s teachers have recently shared their concerns with Aamaya that they have noticed that she has become withdrawn in school and her grades are not as high as they were a year ago. Unlike her bother who loves school, Aamaya has always found the work difficult and feels like she is not as clever as her peers. Aamaya thinks she might have dyslexia and is worried that she will fail her GCSE’s however, she does not want to tell her parents as she does not want to worry them. Aamaya has recently started self-harming.


The three generations of the family live in a four bedded terraced house the London Borough of Enfield.


Please use the information provided in the scenario as well as your investigation of their local community and consider the following:


  • What is the demographic profile of the majority of residents in this borough?
  • What community services (e.g. education, medical, nursing or voluntary) might this family need and what is available in their area?
  • Looking at the morbidity and mortality figures in England (example cardiac disease, cancer, stroke, measles etc..) how does Enfield borough compare to the rest of the UK?
  • What nursing interventions do you think this family may need to enhance/maintain their health and wellbeing?
  • What nursing related services are available which may be of benefit to them?


Consider the learning outcomes when writing your essay and please use relevant literature to support your writing.


In terms of learning outcomes, the essay will need to assess:


  • The professional context of nursing practice.
  • Ideas of health and well being
  • Social, economic and political context of health and wellbeing including factors affecting health and wellbeing.


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