Managing The Safeguarding And Protection Of Vulnerable Individuals: Health care, Assignment, BNU, UK

The aim of this unit is to provide learners with an understanding of the legal framework for safeguarding and protecting vulnerable individuals, whilst developing the knowledge and skills required to manage and develop staff understanding of this critical area.

Learners will become aware that, because of the changing and dynamic nature of safeguarding, the need to manage, monitor and update their knowledge of safeguarding issues is vital in order for them to perform their role legally and effectively.

Learning Outcome –

 1). Understand the legal framework, regulations, policies and procedures that support the safeguarding and protection of vulnerable individuals.

1.2 Explain the legislative framework for safeguarding vulnerable individuals in health and social care.

1.3 Analyse how serious case reviews have influenced safeguarding and protection.

1.4 Explain the action to be taken in the event of suspected or actual abuse.

2). Know about the management ofa service which safeguards and protects vulnerable individuals.

2.1 Analyse how service provision supports individuals to take risks and make informed choices.

2.2 Demonstrate how to provide information to others on signs and symptoms of abuse. 2.3 Demonstrate how to inform others of the measures to be taken to avoid abuse taking place.

2.4 Demonstrate how to articulate with others practice that maintains the safety and protection of vulnerable individuals.

3). Understand the importance of partnership working to protect vulnerable individuals.

3.1 Explain the agreed protocols for working in partnership.

3.2 Evaluate the importance of working in partnership with others in relation to safeguarding and protection.

4). Understand how to review procedures and practices that promote safeguarding of vulnerable individuals.

4.1 Asses the importance of the involvement of individuals in the review of systems and procedures in services.

4.2 Review a work setting’s procedures and practice against current legislation and policy in relation to safeguarding and protecting vulnerable individuals.

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