Top 180+ Ideas for Essay Topics in 2024

Top 180+ Creative Essay Topic Ideas for Every Students


Seated before a blank screen, you glance at the flickering cursor. Your essay’s due date is drawing near, but you still lack a topic.

You know you have to think of a fantastic Essay Topics to compose an essay, but you just can’t seem to get your ideas started.

We have created a list of essay themes to assist you get your juices flowing. There’s bound to be something that sparks your curiosity among these wide-ranging concepts.


So go over these clever ideas, choose a creative essay topic, and start writing!




How to Choose a Right Topics for an Essay?


The following questions can be considered to choose a essay topic.

  • Your type of assignment
  • How much time you have to complete the whole essay
  • How much dace you need to fill up for the essay
  • Who are your target audiences
  • What types of essay topics really inters you
  • What you really want to write in your essay assignment paper


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Argumentative Essay Topics


An argumentative is a formal type of essay to persuade the readers to agree with your essay statement. These types of essays vary much in terms of complexities from ones to complex. Below are some popular Argumentative Essay Topics:


  1. Should frackling be allowed by USA
  2. Should genetic mutation be allowed to the doctors to be done willfully
  3. Should all the social media sites be banned from knowing the users personal data and information
  4. Should the companies hire more manpower rather than using autonomous machinery systems
  5. Can the vehicle drivers be forbidden from using cell phones while driving
  6. What are the good effects of the internet on the society
  7. How to limit our screen times in the smart phones
  8. Can everyone be given free internet
  9. Is technology really isolating us
  10. Can cyber bullying be subject to many legal penalties
  11. Are GMOs really good for the society
  12. Do schools need proper vaccination for the students
  13. How to develop a good universal healthcare system
  14. Should screen time be limited for kids by the parents
  15. Is fasting really healthy


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Persuasive Essay Topics


The persuade essays are much like argumentative essays with a smoother tone. You need to convince your reader that you have a strong argument via the persuasive essay. Few common Persuasive Essay Topics are as follows:


  1. The ruling government needs to pose limits to household trashes
  2. Teens need regular parenting classes
  3. Nuclear weapons are very much effective shield against enemy nations
  4. Etiquettes needs to be taught in schools
  5. What is the importance of netiquettes in today era of the internet
  6. Are the laws on School uniform unconstitutional.
  7. Non warranted Domestic surveillance need to be made legal
  8. Good plan for rusting from natural disaster is needed for every family
  9. Should letter grades be replaced by marks
  10. Racial discrimination should be made illegal
  11. Importance of sex education in student life
  12. Limitations on free speech
  13. Should Puerto Rico be granted statehood
  14. Laws should be made for people abnadoning their pets
  15. Strict regulation should be made in keeping guns


Descriptive Essay Topics


The descriptive essays are mostly written as assignments dealing with memories, impressions, feeling, etc. You will always enjoy writing  a descriptive essay since they allow a lot of writing freedom of choosing your favorite expressions. Some good Descriptive Essay Topics are as follows:


  1. My favorite cinema
  2. My most favorite character in movies
  3. My favorite novel or story book
  4. My dream house
  5. My best friend
  6. My most memorable overseas holiday trip
  7. Early school memories
  8. Down the memory lane
  9. My pet
  10. My first love
  11. The most memorable music concert in my life
  12. Why I love western classical music
  13. Why I love children
  14. My initial experiences with the internet
  15.  My most memorable conference speech in a life time


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Narrative Essay Topics


A narrative essay always presents a picture of your life’s experiences. Here you need to show the picture with the power of by our words. Some popular Narrative Essay Topics are as follows:


  1. My first fight
  2. My first day at school
  3. Childhood memories
  4. My memorable trip
  5. My fears
  6. My strengths
  7. Detecting a friend in disguise
  8. The most unforgettable incidents in my life
  9. My best friends wedding
  10. An eye opening incident in my life
  11. Memories of a terrible accident
  12. My realization in a new world
  13. My favourite cinema
  14. How I experienced a terrible crash
  15. The first driving experience in my life


Research Essay Topics


  1. How our lifestyle really influences health
  2. Why fu viruses vary year to year
  3. How can babys health can be improved through breastfeeding
  4. Uses of various types of stem cells
  5. Does healthiest die really exist
  6. How to quit smoking
  7. How sleep disorders effects health
  8. low-fat vs Low carbohydrate diets
  9. are there really any adverse effect of vaccines
  10. describe the effects climatic changes
  11. Is nuclear entry really safe
  12. How the black holes are formed
  13. Why “dark matter” is  important?
  14. pros and cons of fracking?
  15. Describe global warming


Expository Essay Topics


  1. Why you admire a person particularly
  2. Why parents are strict seldomly
  3. Explain the leadership qualities in anyone
  4. Which is your favorite animal and why
  5. Why you admire any teacher particularly
  6. Explain the reasons of curfew in various cities
  7. Why there are so much high school and college drop outs
  8. How frequent relocations have adverse effects on kids
  9. Importee of getting a drives license
  10. What are the main issues in the lives of the teenagers
  11. How to e a good team player
  12. What non material things really make you happy
  13. Reasons of increasing suicide rates among the teen agers
  14. Good effects of music in our lives
  15. Explain the effects of various music genres


Compare and Contrast Essay Topics


As very much evident  from the name compare and contrast essays highlight on the comparison and contrast. You are often given the compare and contrast essays as assignments in schools, colleges and universities.


The main objective of these types  essays in one over multiple subjects. The aim is to explore various similarities and differences in the related topic. Below are some very popular Compare and Contrast Essay Topics:


  1. Can we use chemical drugs
  2. Regular vs alternate medicine
  3. Homeopathic vs allopathic
  4. Plastic surgery is right or not
  5. Psychologist vs psychiatrist similarities and differences
  6. Hospitals or clinic which is better for care
  7. natural remedies vs medicines
  8. male vs female doctors
  9. stationary clinics vs Mobile healthcare units
  10. android vs ios
  11. Netflix vs amazon prime
  12. Tabs vs mobile phones
  13.  Twitter vs Facebook
  14. 4D vs 3D movies
  15. Is social media good or bad


Cause and Effect Essay Topics


  1. Effects of environmental pollution
  2. Effects of various global civil right movement
  3. Oceanic change effects
  4. Influence of intent on kids
  5. Sport popularity in the USA
  6. Effects of various growing fast food restaurants
  7. Effect of domestic violence
  8. Why television is a necessary evil
  9. Importance of sports for children
  10. Domestic violence
  11. Effect of music on mid and body
  12. Effect of alcohol on our body
  13. Shall we date from young age
  14. Effects of Putin politics in Russia
  15. Life as a single parent


Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics


In an argumentative essay you need to prove your own view point with the various arguments. Some good Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics:


  1. Are we responsible for global climatic change
  2. Should animal be used for research purposes
  3. Is the section procs fair
  4. Is death penalty fair
  5. Is paternity leave for men justified
  6. Is our tax system really fair
  7. Are school uniform really needed
  8. Is cheating really out of control
  9. Can cigarette smoking be banned
  10. Are we too much development on machines like computers
  11. Do the curfews put us in trouble
  12. Are the cell phones really dangerous
  13. How to have a throwaway society?
  14. Does the law engravement a breach of privacy
  15. Are we really addicted to cell phones


Funny Argumentative Essay Topics


  1. Why many watch funny cartoon videos
  2. Why you need to believe the wors of any infomercial
  3. Why we like gaming so much
  4. Why people lie so much
  5. Why we should not watch too much violent movies
  6. Why smoking is pleasurable to you
  7. Why Walmart is our favorite store.
  8. Why you need to drive harshly
  9. Why our customers are never right
  10. Why we love Starbucks coffee
  11. Why we love our last names
  12. Why you really need a ticket
  13. What your dog thinks
  14. Why we love fast food
  15. Why to legalize pot


Essay Topics for University Students


  1. Why should plastic be banned
  2. Why educate need to make free
  3. Pollution due to rapid urbanization
  4. Smoking in the public places should be strictly banned
  5. Tobacco business should be totally banned
  6. Should students be given a very limit ccs to smart phones
  7. Should social networks be banned
  8. Why students should not be allowed to play PUBG
  9. Goals and aspirations for career
  10. Personal feeling and opinion on marriage
  11. How you define honor
  12. Who are your favorite writer and why
  13. Who are your favorite poets and why
  14. What traits make you influential
  15. Contributions of the greatest inventors


Essay Topics on Festivals on Events


  1. project management on music festival
  2. Festival event on art and craft
  3. Festive event on school art
  4. The religious festival of Ramadan
  5. The gala event of spring festival
  6. A must festival in summer related to project management
  7. The food and wine festival in Melbourne, Australia
  8. The music festival of Woodstock
  9. The festive event management plan of Aukland Lantern Festival
  10. The rice ball lantern festival
  11.  The history of the festivals in Mexico
  12.  The safety policy regarding food and drink in music festivals
  13. The fire burning festival of Spain
  14. Huge lot of festivals on various religions and cults in the country of India
  15. Exploring the festive data statistically


Essay Topics on Education


  1. Should recess time be allowed for elementary class students
  2. How to reduce the pressure of homework in primary schools
  3. How technology is used in education
  4. Should school and college education be made free
  5. What is the importance of special school education in our so city
  6. Practical knowledge should be encouraged along with theoretical education
  7. Private vs public schools
  8. How to improve our education system
  9. Special education system for bind students
  10. How to educate poor students
  11. Curse writing
  12. Importance of sex education in student life
  13. Should everyone have access to higher education
  14. How to encourage professional education
  15. How to choose various educating streams


Essay Topics for High School


  1. Advantages of high school education
  2. Necessity of high school education
  3. How to recruit the best teachers for high schools
  4. How to encourage practical education in high schools
  5. Private vs public vs convent education


Essay Topics for College Students


  1. Essence of college education
  2. Should all the students have access to higher education in college
  3. Can college education be made free
  4. How to give good scholarship schemes to students
  5. How to access student brilliance


Informative Essay Topics for Students


  1. How to reduce our stress in student life
  2. How to get rid of exam phobia
  3. How to make the most advanced labs in college education
  4. Difference between stress and strain
  5. How to meditate
  6. How to practice good hygiene


Essay Topics on Famous Leaders


  1. Life of Abraham lincoln
  2. Life of William shakespeare
  3. Why was john f Kennedy assaisinated
  4. Life of amerigo vespucci


Essay Topics Based on Environment and Nature


  1. How to reduce environmental pollution
  2. What are the ways to get rid of global warming
  3. How to reduce soil erosion
  4. How to encourage green revolution




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