BSBPMG531: Task 2- Civil construction and design, Assignment, CCAMT

Complete the following activities:

Carefully read the following:

This project requires you to develop and manage a Project Schedule (PS) on two separate occasions.

You can do this for two real projects at your workplace, for two projects associated with a start-up business you are working on yourself or you can use the Simulation Pack provided.

Vocational education and training is all about gaining and developing practical skills that are industry relevant and that can help you to succeed in your chosen career. For this reason, basing your project on real relationships with classmates or work colleagues will mean that you are applying your knowledge and skills in a relevant, practical and meaningful way!

If you use your own business or workplace, you should have sufficient numerical information to determine timing, cost and resource requirements for each PS. Also make sure that once your PSs have been implemented, at least one change early on in the project lifecycle is required (see steps 8 and 9 for more details). Speak to your assessor to get approval if you want to base this on your own business.

If you are basing this assessment on the case study business, read through the Simulation Pack in preparation for this assessment. All the information needed to complete this assessment is contained in the Simulation pack.

You will be collecting evidence for this unit in a Project Portfolio. The steps you need to take are outlined below. Before you begin, complete page 4 of your Project Portfolio. You must describe the organisation you are basing this assessment on and provide a short description of two projects for which you’ll manage the time.

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