Director’s Reflection:Preschool Culturally Responsive Practices 1.     Here’s why what you are doing is so important!(Explain the import

Director’s Reflection:

Preschool Culturally Responsive Practices 

1.     Here’s why what you are doing is so important!

(Explain the importance of culturally responsive practices in supporting positive identity development and social competence in young children. 1-2 paragraphs)

2.     This is what I observed as your strengths and areas that need improvement.

(Analyze cultural responsiveness with regard to the environment, curriculum, and as demonstrated through teaching practices by explaining three strengths and three opportunities for improvement you observed in the preschool classroom related to culturally responsive practices that support young children and their families. 1-2 pages).

3.     Here are my recommendations.

(Explain three evidence-based strategies with rationales that would strengthen culturally responsive practices within the classroom overall AND three evidence-based strategies that address the areas that need improvement. Supportive research must be included. 1-2 pages)


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