Objectives The purpose of the Educational Pamphlet Project activity is to: Demon

The purpose of the Educational Pamphlet Project activity is to:
Demonstrate understanding of nutritional education required for a specific client condition (CO 1 and CO 2)
Identify community resources available to clients based on a specific client condition (CO 6)
Create a written teaching plan that incorporates nutritional interventions identified for a specific client condition (CO 3)
Discuss nutritional interventions as they apply to the overall treatment plan of a specific client condition (CO 1)
The pamphlet should include (i) step by step instructions and/or details about the nutritional intervention for the selected condition, (ii) visual aids, (iii) informational websites, community resources, support groups and telephones numbers for a patient to obtain additional information and (iv) other information necessary to educate a patient. Students must also include a separate reference sheet indicating the sources where they obtained the information utilized for the project. Students will be required to present their pamphlet to the class (see course calendar for dates). Dates will be assigned by the course instructor. The pamphlet must be submitted through Canvas in order for the paper to be uploaded to Turnitin®.
The rubric below will be utilized to grade the paper.
General Assignment Obligations
Students are expected to complete all assignments on or before the dates that they are due. Assignments submitted after the due date may not be accepted or may be subject to penalty. Acceptance of assignments after due dates is at the sole discretion of the course instructor and Dean. Any lack of completion of assignments and/or consistent lateness of assignment which leads a faculty member to judge that unsatisfactory progress is being made may result in the student being administratively withdrawn from the course and require the course to be repeated. This syllabus (including the referenced course calendar) and/or Canvas include due dates with regards to the completion of assignments. To the extent no written due date for an assignment is in the course calendar or Canvas, the course instructor will establish and announce the due date for such assignment.


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