Cash as payment for a business

    Should businesses legally be allowed to refuse cash as payment? Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the usage of cash was already on a decline with the majority of users choosing mobile payment or credit cards. However, the current pandemic…

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Diversity in Media

  Select a popular culture example. (It can be a television show, a commercial, a game, a movie, etc.). Analyze the representation and social message that is associated with the example. If you would like, you can select a particular…

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American imperialism

    Compare and contrast American imperialism and the dominant gaze from two different historical contexts that we analyzed. Choose two: Philippine-American War, 19th Century Yellow Perilism, or Bikini. What significant similarities and differences do you see? Be sure to…

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Employment resume

      The resume is your first introduction to your employer and is probably the most important step in the employment process. Studies have shown that employers only spend several seconds looking at a resume. A well-formatted and well-written…

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