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Read the following chapters, (On Preparation and Delivery of Sermons) :    Ch.1, Christian Preaching    Ch.2, Homiletics    Ch.3, The Preacher    Ch.4, Gods Message Assignments:1)    Write a reflection paper, 1-3 pages, on Ch.1, Christian Preaching.  Focus on the following:  Nature of preaching, Central place of preaching, competition to preaching, and necessity for effective preaching.2)    Write a reflection … Read more

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Christians casually talk about their salvation and assume that those listening know what they mean.  But soteriology is a big topic that uses many words to describe what salvation is about.  If we want to communicate well, we must clarify definitions of words and use them in the right context.  This will lead to clarity … Read more

Assess computer networks for regulatory compliance.

Assignment Instructions Part 1: Major Events Documentation Scenario: You visit a retail establishment, shop around, and finally carry several products to one of the point of sale (POS) terminals distributed openly around the store. You produce a credit card, the salesclerk processes the transaction, bags your goods, and hands you the receipt. On your way … Read more


the question I need to answer is How and why did the Greek concept of arete transform elitism role into the challenging idea that humans must constantly work towards excellence and virtue? Who was the major influence is on this transition that occurred roughly between 800-350 BCE? What were the last major events that foster … Read more

The Strategic Business Plan

SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENT FOR FULL DETAILS….. Basically:     Discuss the differences between a business plan and a strategic business plan. Why is this important?    Choose an approved virtual business (ONLINE BUSINESS CONSULTING FIRM) from the list provided by your instructor to develop a strategic business plan.    Conduct research and discuss what type of virtual business … Read more


This Competency Assessment assesses the following outcome(s): SC200-4: Analyze how technology has driven scientific progress throughout history. Science and Technology Science is the study of how the universe works using the scientific method as a framework for asking questions. Throughout history, humans have built-up a body of scientific knowledge and have used this knowledge to … Read more

Evidence-Based Project, Part 1: Identifying Research Methodologies

Is there a difference between common practice and best practice? When you first went to work for your current organization, experienced colleagues may have shared with you details about processes and procedures. Perhaps you even attended an orientation session to brief you on these matters. As a rookie, you likely kept the nature of your … Read more


Please use Google Scholar for Article reference that what my Professor checks Final Project: Annotated BibliographyFor your final project proposal you submitted back in Module 5, you selected a human biology topic you would like to explore in more depth, an submitted one article annotation. Be sure to use the feedback your instructor gave you … Read more


You are asked to write a 5-6 page (double-space) research paper on a topic related to this class. A list of topics will be provided but you must have your choice of topic approved by the professor.  You will submit your proposal for topic here on Blackboard in Week 10, no later than 11:59 pm … Read more


Add these following parts in my paper 4.1 Social Business Model Canvas ( Customers, Beneficiaries, and Existing Resources are not included below since it is already mentioned in the above sections) 4.1.1 Social Value Proposition … .. 4.1.5 Channels .. 4.1.6 Customer Relationships .. 4.1.7 Key Activities . 4.1.8 Key Resources …. 4.1.10 Key Partners … Read more



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