Community Health Nursing



1. Choose one of the following approaches (context, system, component of society) to family nursing. (a) generate a family reflective of the assigned approach. (Describe what this family will look like to the nurse.) (b) Then identify health care settings, family circumstances, and nurse resources that are appropriate for use by the nurse who is working with the family. (c) Will family arrangement or structure affect how the nurse works with the family or the nurse resources used to work with the family?
2. Discuss how factors relating to biological and age-related risks, environmental risks, and behavioral risks contribute to family health and the achievement of healthy outcomes. Discuss activities that the nurse practicing in the community can implement to assist families to decrease health risks.
3. Choose an environmental health issue or concern in your community. Thoroughly review the hazard, including its effect on people, the interventions that could or should take place, and the role that nurses should play in reducing or eliminating this hazard. Submit your findings in a discussion.


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