Human perception



Part one- Write an essay of about 400 words where you recall a situation where you applied a label to another
person without meaning any harm or intending to cause hurt… but you later discovered the label you applied to
the person caused some degree of unhappiness or worse in the other person. Describe the label and the
situation, and write about how now, as you analyze the situation, you would act differently. Be specific about
how you would avoid the harm in labels.
Part two- Write an essay of about 300 words answering the questions set up for you in Everyday Skills, number
2, on page 100. Be specific and concrete as you write out alternative explanations. Describe external factors
(things that are happening in the background that may not be apparent in the situation) for each of the six
A. The person you’ve been dating for awhile is late to meet you. It is the third time this month you had to wait,
and you’re angry that your date is so inconsiderate.
B. Your supervisor never makes time to talk with you. You are upset that he is excluding you from the network
on the job.
C. you’re talking with a friend about your anxiety about what you will do after you graduate. You notice that your
friend looks uninterested and texts while you are talking. You think to yourself, “if you are self-centered you
can’t make time for me. I don’t need you for a friend”
D. You are running late, so when a friend stops by to chat, you don’t invite him in and don’t encourage a
conversation. Your friend says, “You’re being a real jerk.” You think to yourself,”This has nothing to do with me.
It has to do with the fact I’m behind schedule for getting my project done.”
E. During an argument with your roommate about who is going to do grocery shopping, you get really angry.
Without thinking, you blurt out, “with all the weight you gain you should stop thinking about groceries.” Your
roommate looks hurt and leaves the room. Afterward you think, “Well I wouldn’t have said that if she hadn’t
been so belligerent.
F. At work, your supervisor criticizes you for filling out forms carelessly. You dismiss the criticism because you
think the supervisor requires too much senseless paperwork.



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