The objective of this assignment is to learn and familiarize yourselves with resources that focuses on global marketplace. These resources are some of the most relied upon information source for global businesses when considering potential countries to enter.

Department of Commerce’s site, has a very useful tool called, “Country Commercial Guide”. This has information on geography, history, political situation, economic outlook, societal trend, etc.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) publishes CIA World Factbook,, is also a very useful tool in learning about the countries and environmental factors that would affect your market entry decisions.

Instruction: 25 points

For submission and presentation in class, research the following questions. College level research and critical thinking responses are expected. MLA citation required.

1. Select one country of your choice that you would like to learn about.

2. Go to’s Country Commercial Guide and answer the following:

a. What is the forecast for the country’s economic growth?

b. What are the key issues currently facing the country’s government?

c. How do companies generally sell products into the country?

d. How extensive is the use of distributors and agents in the country?

e. What would be involved in setting up a company in the country?

3. Go to and answer the following”

a. What considerations are important when pricing my products for sale in the country?

b. What products and services have the best opportunities in the country?

c. What is the legal structure?

d. What labeling and documentation issues are needed when exporting to this country?

e. What should I know about travelling to the country on business?


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