Project Business Case, Charter, and Scope Statement.

1. Project Business Case, Charter, and Scope Statement.

All of three are project management’ business documents implemented at the starting stages of a project. The project business case is a documented used to establish the validity of the benefits that is used as a base for the approval of further project management activities. In this case, the project case is created to get approval to proceed with a project, suppose that the project will profit the company. Project business case often involves a clear understanding of the project strategies, goals, and objectives. The project charter confirms the existence of a project and gives the project manager the right to start on the project. This is important because it helps project managers to publish the information to team members and stakeholders about the duration, cost, and requirements. The Project Scope Statement gives an understanding of the work that needs to be performed to produce the final product with stated descriptions and tasks. It includes the major deliverables, expectations, and limits.

According to Barron & Barron (n.d.), project requirements “describe the characteristics of the deliverable”. Once all the deliverables are in, project managers can then focus on getting the requirements of the project. I once had to help organize a wedding and one of the requirements was the ceremony had to an outdoor event, so we need to find a place that allows that. One project theory was making sure the date picked had a pleasant weather conditions to accommodate the guests, and budget for the wedding was really small, after getting all the requirements done, I didn’t have a profit because the amount I was paid was little compared to the work I had done.

2. Work Break Down Structure (WBS)

PMI states WBS as “a hierarchical decomposition of the total scope of work to be carried out by the project team to accomplish the project objectives and create the required deliverables”. It has many benefits ranging from organization, costs, and scheduling. This approach indeed helps to provide precision of the project scope so the team member will have a clear understanding of their task, and a better cost and time calculation since the work is split up into smaller parts. Additionally, a WBS lets you identify critical tasks that might arise and delay the project.


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