Cross-cultural Training proposal




1. Plan:
Organization name, size, industry and website
Outline of the rationale/need for the workshop at this juncture from an IHRM perspective
Workshop title, goal/s and learning objectives
Intended audience
Number of attendees and facilitators
Date and location (explain your selection)
Advertising channels (explain your selection)
N.b. For the purposes of this project, do not include a budget or costs

2. Implementation:
How you intend to deliver the workshop
Include the following:
Schedule with a list of training activities and/or presentations
Outline of attendees’ knowledge and/or skills development to be evaluated and how you will evaluate it

3. Sample Workshop Activity/Presentation :
This activity/presentation is critical for communicating key messages and ensuring transfer of learning to attendees
Provide a full description of your sample workshop activity/presentation – i.e. learning outcomes, content and evaluation – via a medium of your choice:
Written description/PowerPoint/Prezi/Voice Thread etc.

4. Next Steps:
Outline appropriate next steps to:
Consolidate learning and ensure transfer of knowledge, skills and/or behaviors assimilated
Expand training on this topic to more audiences within the organization

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