Business Intelligence: Interesting Visualizations




Part 1: Please watch the 18 minute TED Talk on “The Beauty of Data Visualization” by David McCandless, and answer the following questions:

• What are some of the thoughts you had before, during and after watching the video? What does McCandless mean by data is meaningless without context?

• Why do you think it is important for data to tell a story?

• What are the importance of relative figures instead of absolute figures?

• Some people argue that visualization oversimplifies the data it represents. Do you agree/disagree? Why?


Part 2: Using the internet, locate two data visualizations that you find interesting. These visualizations can be from different domains (e.g., health data, sports data or from the same domain. For each visualization, please write a half a page commentary that includes the following information:

• The domain: health data, sports data, etc.

• The URL for the visualization

• What questions are answered from the visualization? In other words, what story is told from the visualization? Why does the visualization benefit us?

• Three things that you learned from the visualization that you did not know before



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