Select an IDN from the IDN scenarios. Take on the role of the Program Management Office Director (PMOD) and create a program management plan that will encompass several projects.

Selection of Health Informatics Scenarios

Prior to completing this assignment refer back to the Five Pillars of Informatics guide the selection, implementation and sustained support of health information technology platforms in the health industry. Reflect on the various types of informatics solutions such as clinical provider order entry (CPOE) implementations, implementations of patient portals or upgrades of patient management systems addressed as individual project initiatives and compare the program in your chosen IDN. As you examine each of the projects in your program, analyze how these projects will be implemented in tandem in order to best address the stated goals of the IDN. Consider the following: Are the systems being implemented in such a way that measurable and sustainable cost reductions can be gained? Also, prior to beginning work on this assignment, read Khandoobhai and Weber’s article “Issues Facing Pharmacy Leaders in 2014” (2014), the article “Planning Evaluation Through the Program Life Cycle”  by Scheirer et al (2012), and Wiliams et al article.

For this week’s assignment, you will select an IDN from the IDN scenarios below. You will take on the role of the Program Management Office Director (PMOD). In this role, you will create a program management plan that will encompass several projects. These projects are listed within each IDN Scenario as “Informatics Implementation Projects.” You should note that each Informatics Implementation Project reflects a significant investment for the organization. It’s the job of the PMOD to determine how each project and the program overall creates tangible benefits for the organization while controlling technology costs. Remember that while each project stands on its own as a discrete informatics solution being implemented in the organization, the challenge is to assess the interrelationships and interdependencies between these projects as they form an informatics program.

You must use the Five Pillars of Health Informatics white paper to guide your strategy for the IDN. To do this, consider the following questions:

  • Which of the Informatics Pillars are most clearly reflected in your program?
  • Think about the composition of the IDN and the stated goals and objectives in the scenario: How will the implementation of multiple informatics solutions, in tandem, strategically enable that organization to meet these goals?

Option 3: Palm Healthcare Partners:

  • This integrated delivery network is comprised of 10 hospitals, five specialty centers in cardiology and endocrinology, 50 physician practices, 40 senior living communities including five skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), a home health agency and two insurance plans that cover 5 million covered lives in the Florida Atlantic costal area. Strategic imperatives for this IDN include: 15% operational cost reductions that are sustainable across business units and improved population health initiatives involving co-morbid populations of health plan members including persons with congestive heart failure (CHF) and diabetes and related co-morbidities.
  • Informatics Implementation Projects: The informatics implementation initiatives included in the Program Management Office (PMO) Informatics Program include:
    • Clinical Document Improvement (CDI) Software Implementation
    • Case Management/ Population Health Software Implementation
    • Claims Management Implementation
    • Business Intelligence (Data Warehousing and Visualization) System Implementation
    • Home Health Electronic Record Implementation for Clinical and Claims
    • Personal Health Record (Patient Portal) Implementation

In your paper

  • Analyze the challenges you will face as you develop your informatics program strategy for the chosen IDN.
  • Discuss the goals of the IDN and how they contribute to a competitive strategy for the organization
  • Explain how at least two of the health informatics pillars relate to the goals and competitive strategy of the IDN based in research in the field
  • Describe how each project within the informatics program individually contributes to achieving the goals of the IDN
  • Outline at least five interrelationships or dependencies between the projects in your informatics program
  • Compose an initial statement of risk informatics program outlining at least one technical, financial, and operational risk

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