“Hunters in the Snow”



After reading “Hunters in the Snow”, answer the following questions. Remember to submit as “Write
Submission” and not as an attachment.
1. Examine the first ten paragraphs of the story, when Frank and Kenny come to pick up Tub to go hunting.
What can be said about their relationship after reading only the opening of the story?
2. What is revealed about each character’s personal life? Make an argument stating the hunting trip is a
distraction from their realities based on what is revealed about the character’s personal lives.
3. Describe the development of Frank and Tub’s relationship after Kenny is shot. What factors are at play
4. The story deals, in part, with the power struggle among the characters. Which character is the most
powerful? Do the balance of power and alliances among the characters shift as the story proceeds? Fully
5. What features of the setting seem essential to the way “Hunters in the Snow” unfolds? In other words, how
do the snow and cold determine what happens in important ways?



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