“At its core, a diagnostic assessment is a detailedinvesti

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“At its core, a diagnostic assessment is a detailedinvestigation of children’s strengths and skill gaps that permitstargeted intervention.” (Howard, V. F., & Aiken, E., 2015, p. 282).Informal diagnostics assessments can and should be developed byprofessionals who work with young children. This allows them to observehow and what the child is learning so they can make informed decisionsabout how to help the child. One way to do this is by developing alearning activity that allows you to determine where the child isstruggling with a particular skill. “Diagnostic assessments fall intotwo types: informal or teacher developed, and formal standardizedinstruments, which are professionally developed and commerciallyavailable.” (Howard, V. F., & Aiken, E., 2015, p. 282) For thisdiscussion we will be focusing on the informal, or teacher developed,diagnostic assessments. To begin, choose a child from Developmental Checklists Birth to Five.This must be a different child than the one you chose for your Week 3assignment. Once you have chosen a child, you will need to identify anarea of need for the child based on the checklist. Then, include thefollowing as your initial discussion post:Based on your own observation, identify the child’s perceived area of need based on the checklist.Describe an activity you would do with the child based on thechild’s area of need. Include enough detail so that someone else couldrepeat the activity on their own. (e.g., If you use the checklist for12- to 24-month-olds and it states that they cannot sort shapes orcolors, your activity would contain elements such as naming colors andshapes, identifying colors and shapes, and finding examples of shapes.From completing these activities, you would be able to determine wherethe child’s struggles are with sorting shapes and colors).Explain how using this activity would allow you to be able todetermine the child’s specific struggles in this area of need. Bespecific.Discuss how you used your knowledge of developmental milestones toassist you in creating this informal diagnostic assessment activity.

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