Essay: Cultural ImpactDescription/InstructionsAs the inventi

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Essay: Cultural ImpactDescription/InstructionsAs the invention of photography spread around the world, it had a unique impact on each country and culture. Sometimes the impact was positive, sometimes negative, usually both. It often depended on who was making the photographs, and how the photographs were used.To complete this assignment, you will research the earliest impact of photography in a country/culture of your choice (except England, France or United States). Then, you will write an essay describing what you learned. Be sure to include all these partsThe date photography first came to that country/culture,Who was making the photographs (hint: citizens, colonizers, tourists, etc.)What techniques were being used (hint: what photographic mediums)How the photographs were used (hint: was there a political or social use?)What the impact was (hint: how did the photographs influence people?)And, use researched information to support your conclusions (no opinion).GuidelinesEssay should include all the requested parts, respond with clarity and completeness, and demonstrate knowledge of techniques and issues of that time.Conclusions should be supported by researched factual information. Writing should be formal, succinct, organized, free of errors and irrelevant information.Writing should be 2-3 full pages long (every line filled). Use the following format: 1-inch borders,12-point font, ONLY Times or Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and page numbers (optional) are only inside footer, no empty lines or spaces, no images inside text.Use researched material to support your writing.Use quotes minimally, and onlywhen paraphrasing is not enough.Include at least two high quality public sources, including:A paper-based, text-based, non-fiction book (example: a history book.A credible electronic source from the library (example: journal article)Create a works cited page and use in-text citations for all borrowed information. Please download and print this guide for works cited.GoalsSuccessful completion demonstrates the following student learning outcomes:Analyze and communicate the impact of photography on social, cultural, and political shifts and events from its inception in early 19th Century to the present day.Describe the various ways photography has been used by people prioritizing different social, cultural, and political concerns. 
Tips:Your essay cannot be about England, France or United States.Please ensure your answers are obvious and direct.Course lectures/pages are not allowable sources. Please don’t use them. Use formal language (do not refer to historic people by first name).

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