Determine the Scope of the Agency’s Investigative Authority: Investigation Assignment, MIT, US

Assignment Brief:

In analyzing the usefulness of BSA information to a law enforcement agency, you must

1. determine the scope of the agency’s investigative authority (i.e., the type of cases it investigates)

2. analyze how those types of cases are investigated

3. determine where and how BSA report information can be useful to, or aid, those investigations.

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In this module’s assignment on criminal investigations, you should address all three of those issues.

For one of the four law enforcement agencies referred to in Law Enforcement Agencies, select a specific criminal offense within that agency’s investigative authority and expertise and discuss how several types of BSA-required information can be used in investigations of that offense. You may use specific examples or address more general uses of that information.

For example, Form 8300 report that a suspected drug dealer had purchased a luxury car and/or expensive jewelry using large amounts of cash provides police with information about a possible source of that individual’s income and suggests that he conducts much of his business in cash. That information is useful to the police on many different levels.


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