6 Aspects that make a good research paper/ Argumentative Essay

In this post, we will be trying to answer the question: what makes a good research paper/ argumentative essay? So, these key qualities of a good research paper include:

A Position/ Thesis Statement

Before you start writing your research paper, it’s always prudent to come up with a statement that puts everything you will be talking about in the whole document. In this case, the position/ thesis statement acts as the central pillar which the entire essay is built upon. In this case, you need to develop a precise and a well-crafted thesis statement.

It’s prudent to note that a thesis statement is usually an arguable opinion/ position based on a deep dive, which means you should not cite it. So, you only cite statements that you write to defend it.

Well-developed Topic Sentences

The topic sentences are the first sentences in each paragraph. These sentences are basically points that directly defend the thesis statement. Unlike the thesis statement, the topic sentences are not opinions; they are facts/ research study conclusions based on credible academic sources.

To be able to raise a strong argument, you need to arrange your points (which are developed into topic sentences) from the sharpest points to the weakest points.

You should also note that raising a few topic sentences with in-depth and detailed research is better than many topic sentences to develop. So, when developing a topic sentence, don’t think of how many points you will raise but focus on a few strong points and how you will develop them diligently. The topic sentences are used in developing the body paragraphs of the research paper.

Application of relevant statics data

They say you cannot argue with numbers. Accurate statistics in paragraph development are instrumental in authenticating an argument. In this regard, it’s prudent to use statistical information in developing the topic sentences.

Additionally, graphs can be instrumental in achieving the clarity of a research paper.

Counterargument paragraph for argumentative essays

In argumentative essays, the counterargument paragraph comes just before the conclusion paragraph. In this paragraph, you raise a point from the opposing side at the beginning. Consequently, In further development, you will need to show that indeed the issue at hand in this paragraph is not sufficient to discredit/ change your original viewpoint

Other aspects

  • Paragraph development.

It’s prudent to develop a balanced paragraph in terms of word count. In particular, a professional research paper paragraph should have between 100- 130 words.

Also, note that transition words are vital aspects that help in achieving the flow of ideas.

  • Use of Authentic Academic Sources

Authentic academic sources include books and peer-reviewed journal articles not more than five years old. Common journal article databases include EBSCOhost, Proquest, and Google Scholar.

Simplified Research Paper Outline

  • Introduction

Introduce the topic and a build-up for thesis formulation

The thesis statement appears as the last statement of the introduction paragraph

  • Body Paragraph 1,2, 3,4…

Topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph

Build paragraphs by developing the topic sentences

  • Counterargument paragraph

Topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph to present opposing views.

Explain the contradicting views

Provide evidences with an aim of neutralizing this view/ position

  • Conclusion

Restate the thesis statement (You should write it in different words from what you gave in the introduction paragraph)

Offer closing remarks

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