Gender norms in sport-2018 Winter Olympics


Your essay should contain an introduction, main body and conclusion. Guidance on writing essays can be found here. There is no one correct answer to the question, but it does invite a reasoned answer and discussion, supported by research and other forms of evidence  (e.g. media stories, relevant data). You should refer to the module framework for further advice on investigating a contemporary issue such as gender in sport. Gender discrimination is discussed in Unit 8 of Study Topic 2; however, your answer to the question should draw upon the content of all four units of Study Topic 2 (Units 8-11). You may chose to focus your discussion on athletes or those who work in sport. You may like to reflect on both high profile and mainstream examples that you have seen in the media that illustrate the issue, such as: a.

The BBC Sports Personality of the Year (SPOTY) awards take place each year in December. Several awards are presented at the ceremony, but the main award is for sports personality of the year. b.Media coverage of high profile sporting events such as the 2018 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, and World Athletics Championships. c.General media coverage and representation of men’s and women’s sport. There are a range of ways to successfully answer the question, but as a guide, a good answer will be expected to: Consider what gender discrimination is and critically discuss it using supporting evidence (Unit 8). Consider the impact of the broader media on sports coverage and representation (Unit 9). Consider whether there are media examples that challenge stereotypical gender norms in sport (Unit 10). Consider whether any gender-related power imbalances (e.g. pay, coaching positions) are reflected in the media’s coverage and representation of women in sport, sports coverage and reporting (Unit 11). Answer the question, i.e. critically discuss the view that gender discrimination exists in sport. Use a range of supporting references. Order bids Salary $0.00 Interested writers 7 12/19/2019 Write

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