Concepts of human resource in relation to micromanagement.

Task 2: Research Aims and Objectives in Relation to the Topic


The purpose of the study will be to explain the concepts of human resource in relation to micromanagement. The key aspects that will be unveiled are the relationship between employee morale and employee performance as related to micromanagement. Generally, the research will explore the relationship between worker morale and the leadership styles applied. The study seeks to provide useful information that can be utilized by different organizations in the world to embrace the suitable management approaches that promote the worker motivation, which in turn improves their performance in various job roles.

The aims and objectives of the study include:

i) To establish the effects that micromanagement practices have on the employees’ performance

ii) To determine the relationship between the micromanagement activities and the morale of the workers

iii) To explore the impacts that micromanagement has on the authority


The research aims of the study will work together to help in the achievement of the research purpose, by first establishing the impacts of the practices of micromanagement to the performance of the employees. The aim will provide an understanding of the relationship of the worker performance a result of micromanagement. Once, the effects are established, the next goal will seek to determine the link that exists between the practices of micromanagement and the morale of the workers. At this point, the research will determine whether the motivation of the workers is affected as a result of micromanagement. The information obtained will be critical in the formulation of the platform for drawing conclusions on the relationship between employee morale and their general performance. The last objective will seek to establish the effects of micromanagement to the authority within a organisation setup. The goals will unveil the general impacts that emanate from the micromanagement practices. 

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