Client: You are required to choose a regional or provincial

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Client: You are required to choose a regional or provincial Society/Foundation that will be your ‘client’. This can be an existing foundation such as the BC Cancer Foundation or you can create a fictional foundation. Event Goals:To plan a themed gala dinner in either the fall or springTo generate $500,000 in gross revenues (meaning before expenses)To keep expenses at 20% of gross revenuesTo include various fundraising activities, a dinner and entertainmentTo attract new sponsors to the event Marks will be based on the following criteria:1. INTRODUCTION (5)Proposal Title Page with appropriate visuals with proposed name, dates and venue. Include your company nameLetter of Introduction to prospective client introducing your company and your proposal2. DEFINE THE EVENT (5)Define your proposed event. What is it? Who is it for? How many will attend? State a minimum of 5 success factors that need to be in place to will help you achieve your goals.3 EVALUATE THE EVENT (5)Explain which areas of the event you will evaluate. When will the evaluation be carried out? What will happen with the information you have gathered? Include at least 10 questions you might ask in your evaluations4. THEME CONCEPT AND CREATIVE BRIEF (10)Describe your theme concept and colour palettePrepare a creative brief describing the event from first arrivals until the last person leaves.Provide photos to illustrate your creative vision and support your themeIncorporate your theme into an invitation or some promotional item 5. DATE, & VENUE (10)Recommend the best date for the event and provide reasons for your selection. When and why that date? Why not another? Compare and contrast two dates.Identify a Venue. Why have you chosen this particular place/location? Compare and contrast two venuesDescribe the chosen venue in a descriptive proposal format. Use photos.6.ESTABLISH A BUDGET (10)Identify your various revenue streams and show how you plan to generate $500,000 in revenuesIdentify your costs to produce this event. Identify Fixed & Variable costs in your budget..Use the internet as much as possible for supplier info. 7.CRITICAL PATH / TIMELINE (5)Outline your plan in a critical path/ timeline format. This should be in a logical format by category and date.This must include the major milestones for you and the client. Should include any major milestones (ie: venue deposits) that would need to be made to fulfill contract obligations.8. MARKETING THE EVENT (10)Complete a SWOT analysis of your eventDescribe your target market using demographics, psychographics and geographicsWhat marketing methods will you use to reach your target market?How will you encourage ticket sales or attendance?What social media will you use to market the event to your specific target market? 9 SPONSORSHIP (5)Identify potential sponsors suitable to your event for both monetary and in kind sponsorshipOutline the various levels of sponsorship and their related benefits. How will sponsors be recognized at the event?10 EVENT MANAGEMENT (20)Include a production schedule (actual timing of the event in progress including set-up and strike)Include a floor plan to show your understanding of space usage during the event.Outline insurance requirements, licences or other permits required for your event.Provide a list of all volunteer and staffed positions and the required numbers of persons11.COMPANY PROFILE (5)Create and include your event management company profile Who are the team members?What is your area of specialty, why should they hire you, what other events have you done?Provide testimonials, referrals12. LAYOUT AND PRESENTATION (5)Layout and presentation marks will be given for spelling, grammar, presentation of information, relevant photos and overall professionalism.13. ORAL PRESENTATION (5)Group is organized and prepared for their presentationPresentation visuals are clearly presented and easy to followAll group members participated in the presentationPresentation was within the allotted time

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