Intercultural Communication DB 4

1. Pick one of the five value orientation categories by Kluckholm and Strotbeck (Table 6.2 in your book), define the value orientation, and explain the value and behavior range for that orientation. Use examples to illustrate the thought process of a person in each of the different/behavior ranges.

2. Where do you fall in the value range on this orientation and why? What are some of the positives of viewing the world this way? What are some of the drawbacks of viewing the world this way? I know it is often more difficult to come up with drawbacks to our own personal values/behaviors, but challenge yourself to consider the drawbacks of your own personal orientation. Knowing what they are, or could be, can help us avoid the problems they can cause!

HINT: Using current events to discuss these ranges (e.g. how pandemics are handled globally) could help you understand the concepts and invite points of discussion.

HINT: Using a scene from a film, or music video, or advertisement, or comic, etc. (media) could help you identify and critique your own value orientations more objectively, while connecting it to popular culture, and thus inviting more poignant discussion.

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