Investigate a common misconception that many may hold to be true.

Misconception on COVID-19


For this essay assignment, please prepare a 3-page report (double spaced, 12-pt Times New Roman, APA formatted). Your work will be evaluated based on quality, style, and content.

To earn full credit, assignments must be grammatically sound and demonstrate that you have engaged the topic beyond a superficial level.

Investigating A Common Misconception

At the beginning of the semester, we have discussed how many concepts we hold to be true might not necessarily be based on empirical evidence.

For this assignment, you are going to investigate a common misconception that many may hold to be true.

First, write about a half-page introduction describing the misconception that you have picked, how popular it is, and why people tend to believe it as accurate.

Second, dedicate about one page of the paper to discuss where and how this misconception arrives in our society. This process will involve some investigative research using reliable and reputable sources. Please make sure you cite those sources.

Third, review and report empirical evidence disproving the misconception and provide a summary of this empirical evidence (about one page).

Lastly, provide a conclusion (a half to one page) that answers the questions: How can miscaptions be dangerous, particularly in your choice? What did you take away from this assignment regarding “truth” and “fact?” The main purpose of this assignment is for you to understand how to 1) effectively gather empirical evidence, 2) summarize previous research previously done by others, and 3) write in APA style.

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