Case Study: Family Home Construction

You have been hired by a family looking to build their new home. Instead of going to one of the known builders for an outsourced solution, they are exploring an option to reduce costs by hiring a project manager who will coordinate all components of the project directly. Their expectations is that with this option all materials and resources will be acquired/engaged at lower costs than with outsourcing, eliminating the middleman overhead, while still delivering to expected quality standards.
The family has already purchased an old house, so the project will involve the removal of the old structure, site clean-up, council approvals and subsequent construction.
Your job is to establish the project and prepare the overall plan.
Your main customers are the parents of the family and from time to time their teenage children (two boys and a girl) are also involved in discussions.

The family is looking at building the following on their site:
• A 2-storey 5-bedroom brick home with 2 garages and 3 parking spots
• An in ground pool (medium size)
• A separate 2-bedroom guest/pool house
• Basic paving around the structures and green surfaces
• Style: non-luxurious, but functional and modern design

Cost: budget is not set, but a low-cost option is preferred
Timeline: no set timeline, open to suggestions from the project manager
Resources: none reserved, open for project manager to decide
Project scope:
• Site clean-up
• Council approvals
• Full design
• Full construction
• Final approvals


1. Work Breakdown Structure
o Prepare a WBS for the case project, outlining the first two levels of the structure only (maximum 40 components overall)
o For each phase/work package and high level activity provide a brief description
o For each phase/work package and high level activity identify and describe resources
o Create a resource pool for the overall project



Assignment 1 Marking Criteria

Assignment 1 Points
Project Charter Outline 4
Boundaries 1
Responsibility/authority of PM 1
Scope Scope statement 2
Objectives 1
Deliverables 1
Milestones 1
Assumptions 1
Limits/exclusions 1
Change Management Change management 7
WBS Proper subdivision and requested level 10
Clear description and definition, format 20
Resources definition for activities 15
Resources pool identification 5
Estimating techniques Types of costs defined 3
Range identified 5
Direct/indirect costs identified 2
Material costs included 1
Project office costs covered 1
Estimating methods properly described and related to costs 15
Estimating output format 3
Total 100








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