Nursing Neurologic Instrument


Select a school-aged child preferably in preschool or the lower grades and conduct the Nursing Neurologic
Instrument including a brief classroom observation of the student. This can be done on a child of your choice.
You need to practice the skills of a child who is not one of your students. The assessment for you to write up
can be a student undergoing a case study or a non-student. If you chose to use a student, you must have
the permission of the parent to assess the child. I usually explain it as some fun assessments to help determine
what may be causing the child to have difficulty progressing academically. As the nurse in the building, you do
not need separate parent permission to be in the classroom and observe the child.
Using the reporting tool, write up the assessment omitting the child’s name. The tool is in a template format so
that you can just enter the data and rename the file to save it.

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