Interactions of Hazardous Materials

compose an essay about the concept of chemical incompatibility including
practical information involving two common chemical products.
Choose bleach (a base) and another household chemical product that is an acid and review the product labels.
You can access product labels and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) information on the Internet.
Record each product’s chemical formulation.
Review Section 7 of the product SDS and summarize that information as it relates to the chemical
incompatibility and storage of the bleach and the other product that you chose.
Next, you will use the U.S. EPA Chemical Mixing Compatibility Chart and comment on any chemical
incompatibilities associated with the product/chemical(s) that you selected. Include such information as the
chemical reactions that could occur if the two products somehow became mixed with one another during an
emergency response incident. Also, identify how the chemical properties, uses, and other unique hazards of
these two products can affect the tasks and safety of first responders (environmental health and safety/fire
service professionals) to an emergency response incident

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