Personal Energy and Stressors

One stress coping strategy is journal writing. It is a technique that becomes easier with practice. This is your
opportunity to safely practice this technique, using an experience or challenge in your own life, one
experienced by a family member or perhaps something going on in a friend’s life.
As stated under the Skill Development Exercise, complete this modification of exercise 11.7 Lessons Learned.
Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and think about the situation you’ve chosen to journal about. Take a few deep
breaths. Clear your mind and try to relax. Reflect and use the questions below to complete your journal entry.
What events led to this experience?
How does this experience make me feel? How can I manage these emotions? Do I want to manage the
emotions around this experience?
What was my initial reaction to this experience? How do I feel about it now?
What lessons have I learned from this experience? Are there some lessons I thought I had learned and now
find history has repeated itself? How can I avoid – or do I want to avoid – this happening again?

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