Business Analytic ( R,Ggplot2,Dplyr)

# For this assignment, download “bdims.csv” dataset from Canvas.

# Run the following code to read the dataset.

# This is about people’s body dimensions.



# variable explanations:

# age: a numerical vector, respondent’s age in years

# wgt: a numerical vector, respondent’s weight in kilograms

# hgt: a numerical vector, respondent’s height in centimeters

# sex: a categorical vector, 1 if the respondent is male, 0 if female

# Questions

# 1) Calculate mean and median of the following variables in the dataset:

# weight and height. By looking at these values, what can you say

# about the skewness of these variables?

# 2) Calculate standard deviation, variance, range and IQR of the

# height variable.

# 3) We are wondering about the average height of the males, and females in the dataset.

# Which gender in the dataset is taller?

# 4) Which gender has the highest variability in terms of their weight?

# 5) Which variable (age, weight, or height) has the highest variability?

# 6) Draw a boxplot of the weight variable for males who are older than 30.

# Based on the plot, what would you say about the skewness of the distribution?

# 7) Create a histogram for the age of females.

# Based on the plot, what could you say about the mode and skewness

# of the distribution?

# 8) Create a matrix plot for the last 4 columns in the dataset.

# 9) Create a panel of 1 X 2, in which first window shows a scatter plot of

# height vs. weight, and second window shows a box plot of height vs. sex.

# 10) Create a 5-point summary for the age variable. Calculate the IQR.

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