Cyber Fraud Prevention



Choose ONE (1) category of online fraud crime discussed during the course on which to base the content of their assessment item. E,g

Credit card fraud
Investment fraud
Email and phising scams
etc etc etc
Prevention Report: Produce an educational written resource (referencing empirical literature, government documents and other reliable stakeholder resources) focused on the following topics:

Definition and scale of the crime –
Full description and definition of the parameters of the online fraud
Scale of problem: This is the IMPACT = $$$, and other, think about impact on the victim and their psychological and emotional well-being; impact on family members etc
Context of the crime problem

This is the environment in which the online fraud occurs
Describe the role of the internet and how technology is used to facilitate and enact the crime
Consider what we have talked about around the fundamental advantages of the internet environment for crime
Anonymity of offenders
Reach and scope of offending etc…

Common offender methodologies

You are to research what we know about the type of offenders that commit the crime you are exploring
Risk factors associated with victimisation

You are to research what we know about the type of victims and why they are likely to fall victim (may be about skill level; may be about psychological vulnerability etc.)

Law enforcement and regulatory responses (specifically, reporting)

Review what is currently being done regarding responses to the chosen online fraud
Promising Crime Prevention Approaches (specifically, tips for protecting yourself online)

This is where you develop based on your understanding of the crime; the environment in which the crime is taking place; your understanding of common offenders; your understanding of likely victims = crime prevention approaches
They need to be evidenced by theory(either social learning theory, general theory of crime, space transition theory, routine activities theory or lifestyle theory depending on the fraud you choose) and empirical literature
For eg. Look at the POP website – you can clearly see these crime prevention activities are drawn from Routine Activities Approach and situational crime prevention theories
Make sure in your assessment report – you link and reference your ideas back to theory and research – tell us how you came up with the crime prevention idea based on ‘what is likely to work



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