Elements of strategic decision making

The class features an iterative design process similar to real word game design scenarios. The students will read a case study about a failed game design team, and be tasked with completely redesigning the game according to the best practices discussed during the course. Students should be creative in their approach, but should implement some elements of strategic decision making, and avoid trivia and physical activity games always.

The midterm does not need to be as polished as the final, but should still be easy to understand from a grading perspective. The grading criteria for the project are as follows:

(5) Instructions: How well are the instructions communicated? Can they be understood easily the first time?

(5) Skill Play: Can a player increase their skill level each time? Can luck override skill?

(5) Gameplay: Is it fun? This can be subjective, but would a player have a reason to play again?

(5) Aesthetics: Do the materials for your game look good? Are they easy to manipulate?

(5) Demo: Does the demo go smoothly? Does it showcase your game and all of its features?



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