One way to characterize Kate Chopin would be extreme. She does not see any hope of changing social systems through moderate measures. Your assignment for this unit will be to compare Chopin’s writing to a contemporary feminist concern. Below, I’ve listed three prompts to help give you some direction, if you need it. You may choose any one of these as a prompt for the assignment if want to, but don’t choose more than one. You may also choose to write your comparison according to an issue or concern that you want to address, but whatever you do, BE SURE to quote at least three times from The Awakening.

  1. How would Chopin view America’s political climate today? What issues would she advocate for and what would she suggest doing about them?
  2. How would Chopin imagine Edna in today’s society? What kind of person would she be, and how would society respond to her?
  3. Are there still writers who seek to “resist” in the way that Chopin seems to? If so, who are they and how do they compare Chopin? If there aren’t writers who do what Chopin did, what do you think has changed? Why is this sort of thinking no longer possible, or why has it become so much less a part of the conversation?

Nuts and Bolts: Typed, double spaced, MLA formatted on Microsoft Word and attached as a document that I can open. 350 words minimum and quote at least three times from Chopin in support of your explanations

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