Border Conflict Analysis Prospectus



The prospectus is a one page description of the border conflict you have chosen to study for the larger term
paper. It should clearly identify the conflict you intend to study and explain how it meets the criteria in the term
paper instructions. You must also include at least 5 academic sources that can support your paper, of which 3
must be from political geography journals (again, see directionsPreview the document). It is especially
important that you refer to the guidance provided on the Canvas page: Researching boundary conflicts.
As always, all submissions will be searched by anti-plagiarism software.
Canvas page: Researching boundary conflicts:Researching boundary conflicts
A good boundary conflict analysis starts with good research.
Primary documents vs secondary sources
Primary documents are the records, treaties, and events that were recorded at the time they happened.
treaties are available in many sites around the internet but be sure that you are accessing the correct one





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