Nonverbal Communication


The purpose of this activity is to define what you consider to be effective nonverbal behavior in various social situations. For each of the social situations below, list the nonverbal behaviors you believe will achieve the stated goal. Reflect on the behavior of yourself and others you have observed in similar situations previously and consider how you might utilize your nonverbal cues to communicate more effectively.

Each response can be simple bullet points like: “smile more”, “speak loudly”, or “maintain good eye contact”.

To respond, simply click the “Reply” button in Canvas and type your answers into the text field. Once you are finished hit “Submit”.

List the effective nonverbal behaviors you would use in the following situations to…

Take control or exercise leadership in a group.
Come across well in a job interview.
Tell an interesting joke or story.
Appear friendly and warm without “coming on too strong.”
Signal your desire to leave a conversation when the other person keeps on talking.


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