Comprehensive Recruitment Plan Presentation.

Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
Review the requirements for Steps a.-c. of the Comprehensive Recruitment Plan. Comprehensive Recruitment Plan Presentation. The board of directors of a local organization has asked you, as an HR specialist, to develop a comprehensive recruitment plan for a key position at that organization. The completed project will be presented to the board of directors by means of a PowerPoint presentation. This assignment should include parts a.-c., as outlined below.
Identify Vacant Position. Identify a particular key position at a specific organization. Where does the position fit within the organizational chart? What is the reason for this position’s vacancy (e.g., new position, vacated position, growth)?
Environmental Factors. What environmental factors – internal and external – could impact the recruitment, selection, and retention of this position? How can you set your organization apart from others in the marketplace, thus attracting the best candidates? How will you build a pool of quality candidates?
Targeted Candidates. What type(s) of candidates are you targeting and why?
Submit your assignment as a one-page Word document by the end of Workshop One.
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