gender-inequality-in-the-workplace-is-becoming-hard-to-ignore/Gender Equality Is Possible

This is a team work and I’m only doing this part of an article. just summarize this part to a half doubled space page not more than that. make sure to just do the part that i mentioned the other parts are being summarized by my other group not forget to cite the article: Equality Is Possible, But It Is a Long Way Away We will have to wait to see the impact of Melinda Gates’ initiative to see whether it answers these questions: Will this be an ongoing initiative where more money is pumped into the project regularly?
Will some part of the money go into creating or funding existing tech solutions that enable diversity in areas in the workplace previously dominated by men?
Will this funding also be disseminated among non-conventional workplaces up to the lowest rung of the ladder, such as servers in restaurants?
As we learn over time how this initiative is put into practice, we can state one thing for sure. With multiple initiatives being taken to address gender equality and multiple voices speaking out for it, it is impossible to let this issue out of sight. Companies world over will now be forced to act to make equal pay and equal female representation in the workplace a reality.Sharma says, in conclusion, “The cultural norms are changing, the generation that grew up in this new pro-gender equality world is increasingly holding decision-making positions, and that’s influencing the policies and laws as well. As quoted in the movie On the Basis of Sex, ‘A court ought not to be affected by the weather of the day but will be by the climate of the era.’”


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