Dynamics and system control


Sketch/draw/design the system by hand and/or in a computer-aided design (CAD) software such as ANSYS, Inventor, SolidWorks or Creo. Make sure you submit part of Appendix file and descriptions so that another engineer or engineering students knows exactly what you created and have completed.
Identify and specify input and output variables, and justify why you chose them. State all assumptions and cite references as appropriate.
Construct the system dynamics equations derived from the general set of physics based equations. Must show input and output equations/values/plots for open loop system (consider showing results of initial and final steady state values for output variable).
Must provide transfer function (both symbolically and then with numbers plugged in)
Must provide state space representation model (both symbolically and then with numbers plugged in)
provide all state variables
provide all 4 matrices of the model

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