THE BOOK IS “The Forest People, by Colin Turnbull”


What is the difference between emic and etic perspective?
Rites of Passage play an important role in marking important milestones, often the transition from childhood to adulthood. One important rite of passage for the Mbuti is the elima. What is a rite of passage? How is the elima a rite of passage? Does it adhere to the rules of a rite of passage? How is it an example of a community event instead of an event for the individual? Provide examples from text for support
Compare and contrast supernatural beliefs between the villagers and the Mbuti. Provide two examples.
In “Doing Fieldwork Among the Yanomamo:” What difficulties did Chagnon face during his fieldwork among the Yanomamo? and Do you believe that he behaved ethically? Why or why not?
The forest is important to the Mbuti as they consider themselves part of the forest. How is the molimo connected to this belief? Consider the following: what is the molimo, how do individuals participate or how are they involved, what is its history? (You are not limited to these considerations) Use examples to support your answers.


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