Need to create powerpoint made for a paper on ” Methodology in Pre-Group Engagem

Need to create powerpoint made for a paper on ” Methodology in Pre-Group Engagement”. The paper is Information about group and my part of this group assignment :My group and I have decided to do a DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) Group for Veterans with PTSD and Substance Abuse at the VA’s hospital. The purpose is to establish coping mechanisms to implement positive outcomes and self management skills in the veteran’s daily life. My part of this group assignment is the Methodology in Pre-group, referring to the recruitment of this group (I will be attaching powerpoint slides of description). The veterans (10) will be referred by their therapist to the group who will be facilitated by two social workers. In order to be referred, the veteran must be diagnosed with PTSD and a comorbidity with substance abuse. It is a closed meeting. Please provide information on veterans attending DBT group and its benefits. Why it is appropriate for this referral by the therapist for the veterans with ptsd and substance use to attend this group. This group is offered to the veterans because of the socio-economic disadvantages that veterans can be faced with and the VA hospital is geared towards them and their needs, it is readably available.I also have examples of slides of other projects the professor provided that gives an idea on how it looks like. THE PAPER IS PROVIDED AS IT IS ATTACHED. It shouldnt take that long to create the powerpoint. Make it look nice and cohesive.

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