Part 1Your discussion of the topic should be a minimum of 35

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Part 1Your discussion of the topic should be a minimum of 350 words, include accurate content, critical analysis, specific examples, two meaningful (5 word max) cited quotes from your textbook in APA in-text parenthetical citation format, proper grammar, punctuation, and capitalization, and at the end of your discussion include the reference for your textbook in APA format and sign off with your preferred name (Canvas will only show us your registered name). Discussion Rubric (attached)Discussion Sample (attached)DISCUSSION TOPIC:HOW DID URBAN INDUSTRIALIZATION AFFECT AMERICANS’ LIVES OUTSIDE OF THE WORKPLACE? PLEASE RESEARCH AND GO INTO DETAIL ON ONE SPECIFIC EXAMPLE. (CH. 19)chapter 19 is attachedAll the information you need is in the attached US chapter 19!Part 2Instructions: For response 1, respond thoughtfully. Just saying ‘I agree’ or ‘I disagree’ does not constitute a thoughtful response. They need to be substantive to promote further discussion, new ideas, or questions and are approximately 150-200 words (1 paragraph) in length. Short comments, such as “Good point,” information not applicable to the historical context of the assigned topic, and non-topic personal interactions do not apply.1. Due to the development in new technology and their rapid growth inelectric lighting, communication, transportation,etc. Men and Women decided to move to the cities just to fill the positions that were available. Cities became overpopulated due to the high demands in needing worker to run these electrical machineries. Since these machineries needed to run 24 hours 7 days a week. Worker needed to find housing very close to their job. Cities became congested which led to major concern surrounding their living conditions. Americans lived in dirty, unclean crowded housing. Drank and showered with dirty water which caused them to become seriously ill. It sucks because they thought that they were going to be living the American Dream when they moved. The people figured that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to finally make wages that they so obviously deserve. Only to find out that the “Land of Opportunity” is not what they thought it would be. Just as I read in chapter 19 page 539, “The future they found, however, was often grim. While many believed in the land of opportunity, the reality of urban life in the United States was more chaotic and difficult than people expected.” They were just being taken advantage of to work long hours at a low pay. Living in housing that will eventually make them sick. Well their boss got rich. Don’t get me wrong I understand the sacrifice that they made in order for us to have reliable, transportation, communication…’Industrialization played a great role in the shaping of American society. It was known as the “Gilded Age” from 1869-1901. There were both social and economical changes taking place. One of the major changes was the construction of the transcontinental railroad that finished in 1869. Railroads created an increased demand in manufacturing since the businesses could now produce and sell in larger amounts. The new industrializations were controlled by businessmen as appose to generations before where politicians were in charge of everything. Major figures such as Andrew Carnegie owner of the Carnegie Steel Company, John Rockefeller owner of the Standard Oil Company, Cornelius Vanderbilt who laid miles of railroad tracks, were some of the first very successful business owners who made millions of dollars during these years. While major business were moving forward economically, other groups of people, such as farmers were experiencing negative changes in their lifestyles.’

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