This discussion provides the opportunity for you to explore the subfield of linguistics, with particular emphasis on historical and descriptive linguistics, the origins of language, and nonverbal communication.


Choose one of the question options below and note it in the subject line of your post.

Option 1: Drawing on the module readings, briefly describe the field of anthropological linguistics and its’ contributions to understanding the foundations of human language (historical linguistics) as well as its features’ (descriptive linguistics).

  • What are some prevailing theories for the origin of language?
  • What can work with primates tell us about language acquisition?

Option 2:  Drawing on the module readings, describe how language has an intrinsic relationship to culture and cultural identity. Give at least 3 examples, either from personal experience or from current events.

  • Explain the role gestures serve in communications. You might consider your interactions with family, friends, colleagues, and others as examples to describe how body language varies depending on the social situation.
  • What role, if any, does code-switching play in these interactions?

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