Social and Political Sciences


Sociologists define society as a fairly large number of people who reside in the same geographic area, are independent of other people who are outside their territory or area, and participate in a mutual culture. Sharing a similar culture with other members of society helps to define the group to which you belong. Members of the society share a cultural experience, transmit it from one generation to the next, and archive their culture through various means of expression, such as art, literature, and even video recordings.

Task: Write an essay that highlights your understanding of culture and the process of social transmission within a society. Please provide two or three examples of cultural transmission within a society in your essay. Your essay must be 400-550 words, adhere to MLA writing style guide, and use (either by direct citation or paraphrase) at least three academic sources. Academic sources may include books, journal articles, news sources which enjoy longstanding acclaim (for example NY Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Sun Sentinel, Palm Beach Post, Time Magazine, the Atlantic, etc.), expert interviews, documentary or educational videos, existing law or regulations, etc. Academic sources do not include: wikis, blogs, websites unaffiliated with research organizations, and any other non-peer reviewed sources.

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