Include at Least 7 Existing Control Plans and Any (“Missing”) Control Plans: Accounting Information System Assignment, JCU, Singapore

Partial Control Matrix: Include at least 7 existing control plans and any (“missing”) control plans for each subsystem examined. These control plans should relate to the “key” or “main” objectives of each of the relevant parts of the client’s sub-system under review.

As the case study will have some necessary constraints that will prevent you from designing a perfect system, you will need to identify control weaknesses and inefficiencies inherent in your design and what recommendations or design changes you would suggest improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the AIS, if some or all of the constraints are reduced.

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Control Matrix Explanation: Describe how each control plan helps (or would help) achieve system goals.

Control Analysis: Discuss the overall adequacy of controls used in each sub-system under review. Discuss the efficiency and effectiveness of controls (if an operations or information system goal has no plan listed under it on your matrix, why not? Does an expensive control support a single goal? Is this appropriate, in your judgment?

Are there control deficiencies in your system design due to cost effect constraints, software incompatibility with your preferred system, etc.? If so why is this appropriate, in your judgment? Discuss the mix of preventive, detective, and corrective controls. Form a conclusion as to the quality of the controls, based on the system’s environment and user needs.

Managerial Recommendations for each sub-system under review: Go beyond a narrow control view to a broader look at how well the system achieves organisational goals, and how it might be incrementally or dramatically re-engineered (e.g. by taking advantage of new technologies) to better achieve organisational goals, in the future. If you recommend changes to your current system design and procedures, prepare a draft of the new procedure(s), and document how the system would change, using a data flow diagram or flow chart.

If you recommend a new report, prepare a draft of that report. If you recommend the purchase of new hardware or a new software package, indicate either a specific product recommendation or list several viable options. If you recommend the status quo, justify your recommendation. This segment will complement the discussion of missing controls in part 3.1.

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