Personal Philosophy Paper- Early Childhood Teaching and Practices

This is a Personal Philosophy Paper based on Early Childhood Teaching and Practices. The paper also entails personal beliefs about children.

Personal Philosophy Paper- Early Childhood Teaching and Practices

For this final paper, complete each of the following questions in detail. Copy and paste the following questions into a document and type your detailed answers after each question. Each answer should be at least 2-3 paragraphs in length and stated as succinctly as possible.

As an educator, your philosophy of teaching is based on your own knowledge, beliefs, practices, and clear understanding of how you will ensure the best quality education for the children, families, and program you serve. While your philosophy will certainly evolve overtime, it will serve to guide you throughout your career.

100 possible points

 Copy and paste each of the following questions into a document. Then, type your complete and detailed answers below each question.

  1. My essential beliefs about children include:
    (Focus on how they learn, grow, and develop.)
  2. I believe a sound early childhood education is essential to young children’s lifelong development and learning because:
    (Focus on the importance of a developmentally appropriate early childhood education/care program for every child.)
  3. I believe early childhood teachers should be:
    (Focus on qualifications, dispositions for teaching, etc.)
  4. I believe my primary roles as a teacher to support children’s development and learning should be:
    (Focus on intentional teaching, needs of individual children as well as the group.)
  5. Consistent, positive adult-child interaction and focus on the development of a collaborative, classroom community is important to the social, emotional, physical, cultural/lingual and intellectual climate of the classroom because:
    (Focus on adult-child interaction, child guidance strategies, and learning climate/culture.)

Personal Philosophy Paper- Early Childhood Teaching and Practices

  1. The learning environment I facilitate for the children to provide the optimum experience will include:
    (Focus on the vital importance of a play-based curriculum, classroom centers, aspects of climate/culture, independence, problem-solving and experimentation, and building community.)
  2. Accordingly, my planning and daily care must consider and include:
    (Focus on routines.)

Include list of resources utilized by listing the titles, author(s), publisher, and date of publication and/or the UR addresses of all websites. You must have a minimum of four resources listed.

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