Chinese History

Objective: This assignment is for you to extend learning to understand Chinese culture and history from films. There are lots of films on different dynasties and famous people in the Chinese history. Even though it is embellished with details that are not verifiable, it is a good way for you to envision the text you read into some form of realtiy.

For this assignment, you will be watching one of the following movies of your choice.

After watching, please find 10 points/segments to analyze its cultural content for share. Your answers should look like the one below.

You will need 10 such entries with time markers.  You can also choose to do two films to get 10 extra points to use on any assignment you want.  Extra credit will be considered for extra detailed work.

1. ( Time marker at 2:05-3:09) Confucius is debating about whether human being should be live sacrifice during ceremonies. His position was it is not human and should be abolished. However, other scholars had different ideas. He was able to persuade some by using …………….

Here are the films you can choose from

1. Confucius  Free  on youtube
Confucius/Kung Tze _ Motion Picture In Full HD.flv (Links to an external site.)
Confucius/Kung Tze _ Motion Picture In Full HD.flv

2. Hero: 2002 Jet Li (about Qinshihuang) rental on amazon

3. Red Cliff 2008 (about three kingdom)  rental on amazon

4. Lady of the dynasty 2014 (about Tang dynasty)

5. Xuan Zhang (Tang dynasty and journey to the west) Included in Amazon prime

6. First Emperor: The Man Who Made China  (about Qinshihuang/formal documentary) Included in Amazon prime.

please do 2 film. one file  is on red cliff  and first emperor: the man who made china.
for each film, 2 pages

Reference no: EM132069492


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